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The ASRT supports the elimination of gonadal and fetal shielding specifically during abdominal and pelvic radiography examinations performed by registered radiologic technologists.

ASRT Update on Gonadal and Fetal Shielding

Why Have Shielding Recommendations Changed?

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) recommends ending routine gonadal shielding during abdominal and pelvic radiography because:

  • The risks of genetic effects are lower than previously estimated.
  • Improvements in technology have reduced absorbed dose to pelvic organs.
  • Shielding can interfere with automatic exposure control (AEC).
  • Gonadal shielding may obscure important findings.
  • It is difficult to accurately shield the gonads in certain exams.
  • A significant portion of dose to the ovaries is delivered by internally scattered x-rays that can’t be blocked by shielding.
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How Does This Change Affect Me as a Radiologic Technologist?

Patient Shielding Task Force
  • This change only affects gonadal and fetal shielding during radiographic procedures of the abdomen and pelvis.
  • ASRT supports gonadal and fetal shielding when shielding:
    • Is safe and appropriate.
    • Reduces excess radiation exposure.
    • Increases patient comfort and confidence.
  • This change does not affect shielding for occupational exposure. You should continue using shielding to protect yourself and other staff.
  • The knowledge and skills of registered radiologic technologists are the best shield to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure to patients.

Educational Resources

It is essential that we educate our patients and health care colleagues on these changes, as well as the important role that radiologic technologists play in the delivery of safe and high-quality medical imaging procedures. ASRT has produced several free resources for staff and patient education on this topic:

Technologist Resources

Gonadal and Fetal Shielding: An Update for Technologists

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Gonadal and Fetal Shielding 


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