State of Oregon

Fluoroscopy Training

For Non-Radiologist Practitioners

Meets State Requirements.
Satisfy the requirements in the Oregon Administrative Rule 333-106-0205(2)-(4). 

Download the courses from any computer, and study anytime.

Approved Training Resource.
Training accepted by the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division.

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Fluoroscopy Training Series

Our six radiation safety awareness training courses are approved by the Oregon Health Authority and meet the requirements of OAR 333-106-0045(16)(b) for non-radiologist practitioners in the State of Oregon for proper training in the operation and use of fluoroscopic x-ray equipment.

These courses are presented as .pdf files and are designed to be completed at your own pace.

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This package includes all six fluoroscopy review courses. Save 15% when you buy this package of six courses as a series. 
ARRT CE Credits: 12.75


Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection and Safety

Presents an essential and comprehensive overview of radiation protection in fluoroscopy.
ARRT CE Credits: 2.75


Fluoroscopy: Operation and Safety of Fixed Fluoroscopy Units

Discusses specific elements of fixed fluoroscopy units that affect radiation dose and methods to protect patients and imaging personnel.
ARRT CE Credits: 1.5


Fluoroscopy: Regulation and Radiation Protection

Describes various international groups and federal agencies that have a hand in developing radiation protection standards and unravels the federal laws and regulations governing fluoroscopy and radiation protection.
ARRT CE Credits: 1.5


Fluoroscopy: Mobile Unit Operation and Safety

Provides a comprehensive look at various aspects of mobile fluoroscopy imaging, including specific equipment features and ways to minimize radiation exposure to patients and clinical personnel.
ARRT CE Credits: 2.5


Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection of the Eye

Covers every aspect of radiation protection of the eye, from the changing dose thresholds for radiation cataract formation to strategies to minimize radiation dose to the eyes.
ARRT CE Credits: 3


Fluoroscopy: Image Quality and Analysis

Describes various factors that affect fluoroscopy image quality including patient positioning, technique selection and equipment use. Also covers all aspects of image analysis, from evaluating positioning to assessing technical accuracy.
ARRT CE Credits: 1.5


Oregon Fluoroscopy Information


Oregon requirements for fluoroscopy training in the operation and use of fluoroscopic equipment by non-radiologist practitioners.  Read additional fluoroscopic x-ray operator rules. 
Oregon Health Authority - Public Health Division