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These courses cover radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy.


Fluoroscopy Training Series

Purchase the entire series to help prepare for taking the fluoroscopy exam to obtain your radiologic technologist fluoroscopy permit or fluoroscopy supervisor and operator permit in California. Courses also sold separately. 

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This package includes all six fluoroscopy review courses. Save 15% when you buy the six courses as a series. 
CE Credits: 12.75 Cat A+

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Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection and Safety

Presents an essential and comprehensive overview of radiation protection in fluoroscopy. 
CE Credits: 2.75 Cat A+

$41.25 $55

Fluoroscopy: Operation and Safety of Fixed Fluoroscopy Units

Discusses fixed fluoroscopy units and methods to protect patients and personnel. 
CE Credits: 1.5 Cat A+

$22.50 $30

Fluoroscopy: Regulation and Radiation Protection

Describes radiation protection standards, federal laws and regulations. 
CE Credits: 1.5 Cat A+

$22.50 $30

Fluoroscopy: Mobile Unit Operation and Safety

Provides a comprehensive look at mobile fluoroscopy including ways to minimize exposure. 
CE Credits: 2.5 Cat A+

$37.50 $50

Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection of the Eye

Covers radiation protection of the eye, from dose thresholds to strategies to minimize dose. 
CE Credits: 3 Cat A+

$45 $60

Fluoroscopy: Image Quality and Analysis

Discusses positioning, technique selection and image analysis. 
CE Credits: 1.5 Cat A+

$22.50 $30

Additional Courses To Help Prepare for the Exam

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Best Practices in Digital Radiography 

Includes information about pre-examination safety checks, special considerations for pediatric patients, exposure measurement methods and dose minimization strategies. Quality control, quality assurance and building a culture of professionalism also are covered.

CE Credits: 2.5 Cat A
$37.50  $50 

Image Intensifier and Flat-Panel Detector Fluoroscopy

Describes the process of image intensification, explains the function of flat-panel detector arrays and identifies the components of fluoroscopy systems.
CE Credits: 1 Cat A

$15 $20

Characteristics of the X-ray Beam

Covers the impact prime exposure factors have on the x-ray beam; the impact SID, beam restriction and grids have on receptor exposure; and the techniques that reduce errors associated with grid cut off and Moiré effect.
CE Credits: 1.5 Cat A

$22.50 $30

X-ray Interactions with Matter

Summarizes the patient variables that can affect image receptor exposure. It covers the factors that reduce patient dose and how the use of beam restriction and lead shielding enhance image capture and reduce the risk of patient exposure.
CE Credits: 1 Cat A

$15 $20

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California Fluoroscopy Permit Information


Fluoroscopy Examination Information - California Department of Public Health

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists began administering a new fluoroscopy examination used by the State of California for permit issuance as of Jan. 1, 2013. 
Already have your fluoroscopy permit? All California-certified R.T.s with a fluoroscopy permit need to earn 4 CE credits that apply to radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy within the two years prior to the expiration of their certificate/permit. New CE credit requirements will be enforced starting July 1, 2016.

Changes to the Requirements for Continuing Education Credits.