Instructor Tips

Here are some best practices to ensure a successful ASRT Live Presentation.
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What is a good topic for my presentation?

Choose topics related to the ARRT® exam content specifications (any discipline). Avoid sensationalism, politics, and other potentially sensitive topics, or information that could be perceived as a position of the ASRT.

How long is my presentation?

The entire webcast lasts 60 minutes. End your presentation after 50 minutes to allow for 10 minutes of Q&A.

What if there are no questions?

Have a few common questions of your own ready to go with answers, or be prepared to talk for a few more minutes.

Do I need an objectives slide?

Yes, please include your previously-submitted objectives that were edited by ASRT.

Should I include my personal contact information?

Including your personal contact information is optional.

Do I need to obtain permission to use the images in my presentation?

Yes, make sure that your images do not infringe any existing copyrights. If you need help finding copyright-free images, please let us know.

How do I credit the source of my images?

Include an attribution on the image or slide. No attribution is necessary for purchased stock images (e.g., from iStock or Getty.)
"Image courtesy of instructor."
"Permission for use granted by [name]. All rights reserved."

What about HIPAA?

Make sure no institutional or patient-identifiable information is included on clinical images.

Can I use video clips or sound effects?

We discourage using video clips and sound effects. There is no guarantee that they will work during the live webcast.

Can I talk about specific vendors or manufacturers?

Please remain brand- and vendor-neutral. Feel free to discuss types of software or equipment, but include multiple vendors if you mention specific names.

Can I talk about the history of the profession?

Keep historical information to a minimum. This content is not eligible for CE credit, per ARRT.

Can I promote my educational program, textbook, CE product, favorite brand, etc.?

Unfortunately, advertisement of any products or services violates the ASRT Live Speaker Agreement, and is not permitted.

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