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ASRT has a profound commitment to the ongoing support and advancement of radiologic technologists. We guide smart policy, advance health care standards and promote the value of our profession.

As the world’s largest radiologic science association, ASRT is a powerful force for good. Imagine the impact of 153,000 voices raised in unison. With a formidable collective voice, our members mobilize to influence policy and shape public opinion.

We guard patient safety and foster significant contributions to improving the practice. This is the Power of A.

Solving Problems

Associations like ours play a critical role in developing the safety and technical standards that impact consumers every day, in every kind of industry. For radiologic technologists, the practice standards developed by ASRT are the defining reference guide for what is appropriate in practice. These comprehensive workplace criteria protect the radiologic technologist and the patient, and they were developed by the members of our own association.

Improving World Conditions

The ASRT Foundation Community Outreach Fellowship program has provided support for more than 60 ASRT members to perform volunteer medical relief services in 17 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. This ongoing international commitment to providing improved access to worldwide medical care in underserved communities has been honored with a Global Humanitarian Award from the American College of Radiology Foundation.

Advancing the Profession


We help our members stay ahead of the curve in technology and career trends. From ASRT’s award-winning publications written specifically for the radiologic science community to definitive research studies, conducted and compiled by our staff, we innovate new ways move the profession forward.


ASRT leads the way in providing important continuing education opportunities required for professional certification and career advancement. We encourage and propel professional growth with hundreds of online CE courses, Directed Readings, educational events and conferences and group training solutions.


ASRT looks to the next generation for inspiration and leadership by creating a virtual learning environment aimed at fostering the discovery of the fascinating science behind radiologic technology. Radcademy® is a resource for young students and educators interested in the “cool science” of medical imaging and radiation therapy. We think that’s pretty rad!

Advancing the profession


ASRT is a powerful advocate for smart public policy, and your membership makes it possible. Advocating for patients and the profession with a united voice tells lawmakers the important role that radiologic technologists and radiation therapists play in health care. ASRT offers resources that can help you discover and follow issues, speak out about important topics and communicate with lawmakers to make a difference for your profession and your patients.

When we belong to something bigger than ourselves, we find strength in numbers. We take action.

Working for You

In service to its 153,000 members worldwide, the ASRT is committed to advancing the profession and protecting our practice. Working for you, our efforts have made significant contributions to improving health care and patient safety. Our common purpose is to elevate the profession with an unwavering dedication to education, advocacy, research and innovation.

ASRT sets the practice standards for the profession
ASRT is the leader in radiologic technology research
ASRT promotes legislative action