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When you invite your friends and colleagues to join ASRT, you're not just sharing your favorite career-boosting benefits, you're growing the ASRT community — one member at a time!

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So Many Reasons to Join

  • Knowledge is Power: Members enjoy high-quality continuing education, research resources and industry insights to stay at the forefront of their practice area.
  • Career Boosting Tools: Access to exclusive job listings, career guidance, and professional development opportunities that can skyrocket your career!
  • Community Connection: Networking events, mentorship opportunities, and a vibrant community to share experiences and expertise to grow together.
  • Sweet Savings: Get access to discounts on essential tools of the trade, continuing education, and even local shopping and travel.
  • Strength in Numbers: By inviting others to join, you're amplifying our state and national advocacy efforts that fight against encroachment, protect patient safety, and elevate the profession.