Ways to Celebrate NRTW®

Examples of Successful Celebrations

How to Have Fun During National Radiologic Technology Week®.

Several facilities around the country put together a contest for staff. Stephanie Smith, A.A.S., R.T.(R)(M)(CT), shared several ideas about how they celebrate at her workplace. One of the games is called “guess the imaged items.” They image items found in or near the radiology department, such as keys, saline flush or a light bulb. Then they place the images into a dummy patient file in the imaging program and have people guess the items by looking at the images. Whoever guesses the most items wins a prize.

Contest Sample Images

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Additional Information

  • Provide a few games for people, like a word search, coloring pages and puzzles with a radiology theme. Place them in the office or break room for people to complete.
  • Have a scavenger hunt. Hide the bones of a skeleton around your office or break room and have people put it together on a designated wall.
  • Provide radiology-themed food for staff, such as bone-shaped cookies or x-ray cakes.

Increase Patient Awareness

  • The North Carolina Society of Radiologic Technologists used the celebration as an opportunity to inform the public that North Carolina does not license radiologic technologists. The Lincoln Times-News published an article educating consumers about the importance of education and credentialing standards.
  • Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services not only received media coverage about its facility, including a photo of staff, but also celebrated the week by creating an educational booth for patients and other staff that displayed x-ray images acquired during various procedures.

Create Awareness About Your Facility's Offerings and Expertise

  • Haywood Regional Medical Center provided detailed information about its services, including a mention that its staff is certified and registered. The Waynesville Enterprise-Mountaineer published a detailed list of services and expertise offered at the hospital.
  • The Delta County Independent featured an article about Delta County Memorial Hospital that included facts about how many radiology exams are completed by the facility annually, the types of exams performed and the types of equipment used, including the facility’s new PACS and how it improves delivery of patient care. The article also listed the names of all radiologic technologist staff.
  • Pana Community Hospital R.T.s were featured in several regional newspapers. Staff members’ names and credentials were listed, giving even more recognition to the level of education and professionalism required in the field.

Recognize Dedicated Professionals

What better way to extend extra kudos to your dedicated staff than to get their names and photos printed in your local newspapers?

  • Onconee Memorial Hospital used the week to bring public attention to its services in radiography by providing a photograph of the radiography staff.
  • Fairfield Memorial Hospital received coverage in their area’s local newspaper with a photo of their entire staff. Their manager recognized their dedication, skill and knowledge.
  • Marion Technical College recognized the dedication of the college’s School of Radiology administrators, staff and students.

Mayoral Proclamation

  • Rolla Technical Center’s radiography program celebrated with an NRTW® proclamation signing by the Rolla mayor.

Write an Article

  • Nicole Winkler, a radiologic technologist and graduate student at the University of Virginia Health System Department of Radiology, gained recognition for the profession by submitting an article to the Charlottesville Daily Progress describing the education that R.T.s receive and their role on the health care team.
  • Regional West Medical Center contributed an article about the discovery of the x-ray, its history of usage for diagnosing and treating illness, and promoted the hospital’s services and competitive advantages in radiology.

Watch the Trades

Many trade magazines publish stories about NRTW®. They appreciate stories about how you celebrate, experiences you’ve had in ensuring patient care and your participation in the health care team.

  • RT Image printed an article after soliciting responses from R.T.s about how they’ve made a difference in their patients’ lives. The article featured six stories and photos submitted by R.T.s.

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