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National Radiologic Technology Week® is an annual celebration to recognize the vital work of medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals in patient care and health care safety.

The week-long celebration takes place during the week of Nov. 8 to commemorate the discovery of the x-ray by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on Nov. 8, 1895.

NRTW® 2024 will be celebrated Nov. 3-9.

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Celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week® with gifts from ASRT and Jim Coleman, Ltd. featuring the official theme. Order products by Oct. 23 to ensure delivery in time for your celebration. 

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NRTW 2023 Safety Hero Photo Contest

2023 NRTW® Safety Hero Contest
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The three selected winners will receive a National Radiologic Technology Week® swag combo kit and $300 for their celebration.

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Ways to Celebrate

Explore Ways to Celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week®.

 Plan a Successful Celebration

Ten steps for planning a successful National Radiologic Technology Week® celebration.

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 Contact Members of the Media

Generate interest in and publicize your NRTW® activities by contacting members of the media.

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 Request an Official Proclamation

An official proclamation made by a local or state government leader is an excellent way to create community and media awareness about NRTW®.

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 Present to Young Audiences

Educate young audiences with an easy-to-use website and a series of short videos to highlight the science behind medical imaging and radiation therapy.

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 Conduct a Public Forum

Increase local awareness and encourage interested community members to become involved in your NRTW® activities by hosting a public forum.

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 Gather Celebration Ideas

Check out how other facilities celebrate NRTW®.

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Downloadable Templates

NRTW Poster Template


Share, post and print National Radiologic Technology Week® infographics.


NRTW® 2023 Celebration Recap

See highlights of how radiologic technologists and medical facilities celebrated the National Radiologic Technology Week® on social media.

Downloadable Templates

NRTW Poster Template

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