2019 NRTW® Caption Contest is Now Closed!

Thank you for participating in the 2019 NRTW® Caption Contest. Here are the three winning captions. Each winner received a combo kit plus $300 for their NRTW® celebration.

Radiologic Technology, a Brew-tiful Career

Corey Whitlock, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR)
Richmond, CA. Member since 2014.

Decaf?! Don't be Humerus!

Brandee Smith, R.T.(R)(CT)
Hurricane, WV. Member since 2008.

New Radiographic Position: The Starbucks Recumbent Lateral

Michelle Januse, R.T.(R)
East Providence, RI. Member since 2009.

These were not the winning captions but deserve an honorable mention.

Waiting on shift change like....
Caffeinate before you radiate!
When you find your co-workers from the previous shift...you know it’s going to be a long day.
Caffeine PO Q4H PRN
Shift just got real.
Skeleton drinking coffee on a coffee maker Click to enlarge | ASRT©
Skeleton drinking coffee on a coffee machine



 What You Could Win

The three winners who submit the funniest caption will win the NRTW prize package, and the captions might be featured in ASRT Scanner and on our social media platforms.

 The Prize

Winners will receive a Combo Kit packed with great NRTW products, plus $300.

 Enter Contest

The contest is open July 17 through Aug. 30 and is limited to ASRT members only. One entry per person.

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