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MA Nurse Imaging Bills Blocked

Aug 15, 2016
Bills that could have authorized nurse practitioners to administer, perform or interpret medical imaging tests have been effectively blocked in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts House Bill 1889 would add to the nurse practitioner scope of practice: “Performance of advanced assessment and diagnoses, issuance of written prescriptions, the selection, ordering and administration of tests and therapeutics.”

Massachusetts House Bill 1996 and Senate Bill 1207 could be interpreted to offer nurse practitioners the same status as “licensed practitioners” and exempt them from radiologic technologist licensure laws.

The bills were met with opposition from several groups including the Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists and ASRT. The MSRT closely monitored the bills and worked with lawmakers in Boston to educate them about the importance of making sure medical imaging procedures are only performed by registered radiologic technologists.

The bills remain in the Ways and Means Committee with the legislature currently in "informal session" until the end of year. The bills could still move forward, but only with the unanimous consent of the legislators.

ASRT and MSRT expect these bills to be reintroduced in the 2017-2018 Massachusetts legislative session.


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