Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAC?

A political action committee supports an organization's political goals by collecting money from people who share those goals and making contributions to political candidates who support those goals.

Why is the ASRT-PAC® important?

The ASRT-PAC helps R.T.s come together and ensure that candidates who support their profession are elected. It sends a strong, collective message that ASRT members are an involved and active group that merits candidates' attention on health care and other issues that affect medical imaging technologists and radiation therapists.

What does the ASRT-PAC do?

The ASRT-PAC collects contributions from ASRT members and then uses that money to make candidate contributions, ensuring that R.T.s' voices are heard on Capitol Hill.

Why is participation in federal legislation important?

Maintaining a presence on Capitol Hill allows the ASRT to keep the radiologic science profession on legislators' agendas on a continual basis and educates them about technological advances and career possibilities that can change rapidly. Reducing health care costs, maximizing patient safety and increasing quality exams are primary goals of the ASRT.

Is the ASRT-PAC funded from ASRT member dues?

No. The ASRT can use member dues for advocacy efforts, such as lobbying but cannot use member dues to contribute to candidates' campaigns. Federal regulations prohibit the ASRT-PAC from seeking donations outside of ASRT's membership. Therefore, the ASRT-PAC counts on donations from ASRT members.

Are donations to the ASRT-PAC tax deductible?

ASRT-PAC® is the bipartisan political action committee of the ASRT that supports political candidates who make radiologic technologists and their patients a top priority. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Is the ASRT-PAC associated with a political party?

No. ASRT-PAC is a bipartisan entity that supports federal political candidates who support issues important to R.T.s regardless of party affiliation.

How can I make a contribution?

Call 800-444-2778 to speak with a Member Services representative or make a secure donation online.