Client:  (State) Society of Radiologic Technologists on behalf of all (State) radiologic technologists.

Primary Contact: Name and contact information for whoever will be working most closely with the lobbyist.

Project: Brief description of the goal to be completed.

Example: Enact legislation that allows for the licensure of radiologist assistants (advanced practice radiologic technologists) by the State Board of Medicine. (See attached information)

Timeline: 20XX -20XX State Legislature (or other period).

Previous attempts or existing statute: List bill number(s), sponsors, outcome and any other pertinent information; such as existing statutes or regulations

Example: SB 700 (2005-2006); AB 623 (2007-2008).

Issue: Describe the issue and give further details to educate the lobbyist candidate.

Example: The state does not currently provide for the licensure of the radiologist assistant.  RAs are physician extenders who work under the direct supervision of a radiologist in performing selected diagnostic and interventional medical imaging procedures.  Radiologist assistants do not perform interpretations of medical imaging examinations; provide diagnoses; prescribe treatments or therapies; or prescribe medications.  There are presently 13 certified radiologist assistants in State and an uncertain number of radiology practitioner assistants who would qualify for licensure under our existing model.

Affected groups/organizations: List the stakeholders that will be involved in the issue and their position.

Examples: Pro - State Society of Radiologic Technologists, State Radiological Society, Name of University (sole radiologist assistant educational program in the state); American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, American College of Radiology; Society of Radiology Physician Extenders; practicing radiologist assistants.

Uncertain - State Board of Medicine; State Department of Health/Radiation Health Branch; radiology practitioner assistants; corporate-owned radiology practices and multi-facility radiology systems (e.g., corporation name).

Services Sought: List all services you are interested in utilizing the lobbyist for.


  • Connections to, and relationships with, the State Board of Medicine and other health care organizations in the state.
  • Established relationships with House and Senate leadership and Health Committee members
  • Strong familiarity with and proven ability to navigate the State health care legislative and regulatory process.
  • Grass-roots development and interaction with the radiologist assistants in State.
  • The ability to successfully shepherd a bill through the legislative process to enactment in a fiscally responsible, professional manner.

Deadline for proposals: Deadline date