Focused Affiliate Advocacy Activities

Individuals should be encouraged to contact their elected officials and staff on a personal basis and build connections. Each person can make an impact through phone calls, emails and attending town hall meetings.  However, there are activities an affiliate society can conduct that joins individual voices into one united group and increases the influence the affiliate society can make.  Some focused activities to consider are:

Email and Phone Campaigns

Often an email or phone campaign is an urgent call-to-action where an affiliate society has asked individuals to reach out to their legislators for an immediate action on an issue.  Typically a message has been drafted and ready for the individual to send; however, each individual should be encouraged to personalize their message to their lawmaker. A letter supporting a state licensure bill has been created to show you an example. Many times the affiliate may have talking points, tips for calling lawmakers or a telephone script prepared for affiliate advocates to use.

Affiliate Lobbying Event at the State Capital

There’s nothing like a day at the state capital to talk with lawmakers to spark enthusiasm, build unity and develop relationships.  Just like planning for an affiliate's annual conference there are a lot of items to consider; so establishing a timeline of tasks may help affiliate leaders stay organized. The most important step in conducting a lobbying event is making sure that attendees continue to promote the advocacy campaign by following up communications with lawmakers and staff they met. Make sure the affiliate has a strong follow-up strategy for after the event. On the day of the event affiliate societies will need to have collateral material and talking points on the issues for attendees as well as handouts for the legislators attendees will be meeting with.    

Other In-person Activities

Invite lawmakers to attend hospital or imaging facility tours and college day events. This is a good way to spend time with your lawmaker while educating him or her on the issue at hand and the role radiologic technologists play in caring for patients in the health care system. 

Get a group of colleagues together and attend a town hall meeting or other public event lawmakers are participating in. It will give constituent R.T.s a great opportunity to meet their lawmakers, discuss the issues facing the profession and the affiliate society's positions on pending legislation.