Before the affiliate society can influence lawmakers it needs to become familiar with who they are and how to communicate with them.  In this section affiliate leaders can find information on how to get to know lawmakers and some focused activities that individuals and groups can do; such as email campaigns and  conducting a state lobby day; and find tools to make these activities successful. Have affiliate members ever wondered what to say to lawmakers?  If so, look over the how-to sheet on creating possible questions and answers. 

Technologists and radiologist assistants are critical to increasing health care quality, improving the safety of medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures, and reducing health care costs.

Focus on the Positives

Explicitly highlight the benefits of your request if the bill:

  • Has bipartisan support.
  • Has stakeholder support.
  • Has been vetted by several legislators.
  • Promotes safer health care for patients.

Emphasize Local Impact

Make it clear how your representative's or senator's action will positively affect you, your employer, your patients, and your community. Use your credentials to substantiate your views. Relevant personal stories can be helpful, but remember to keep it short (one-page email/~60-second voicemail), as staffers are often pressed for time and may just skim over lengthy emails/voicemails.

Leave a Good Impression

End with an offer to provide additional information if needed. Ask for followup from staffers by having them email or call you back after discussing the issue with the legislator. Follow up with the staffer every couple of weeks until you receive a response. Be tactful and polite — remember that you are asking for something.