Community involvement is critical to the success of your advocacy efforts. Together, the media and state affiliate societies bring attention to the profession and any issues that should be addressed by lawmakers. Community involvement can bring recognition, credibility and awareness of the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession.  

Individual involvement can make a big impact in the community too, so encourage members and all R.T.s to be active participants in community events. Learn what community activities affiliate members are involved in and determine how affiliate participation may benefit advocacy efforts.

Much like everything else, community involvement should be planned and placed on the affiliate's calendar. 

Look at the list of external stakeholders your affiliate wants to cultivate potential alliances with to see how to become involved in stakeholder organizations' activities. There are several groups that may be involved in community events that overlap with the affiliate society's advocacy goals. Discover when these community events take place and see if there is an opportunity for the affiliate or individual members to participate in the activity. Look for community activities like health fairs and awareness events (breast cancer, heart disease, etc.). To maximize the impact of participating in or sponsoring an event, affiliate leaders may want to initially focus on health-related community activities

Make sure R.T.s are identifiable (for example, wear T-shirts with your affiliate's logo) and ready to talk about their profession. If the affiliate has budgeted for the event, an inexpensive giveaway item with the logo on it may make an impact.

When planning community involvement activities, keep in mind which awareness month is taking place. Below is a list of a few examples that radiologic science professionals may be involved in, but but you can do an internet search of National Health Observances and decide what suits your affiliate.

  • February is American Heart Month.
  • March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.
  • April is National Cancer Control Month.
  • May is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month.
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • November is National Radiologic Technology Week®.

Many affiliates think outside the box and create innovative ways for members and potential members to become active advocates. Consider these ideas:

  • Group tickets at a baseball game
  • Host a happy hour
  • Conduct contests between facilities
  • Go bowling

To raise awareness of the profession and the affiliate society throughout the state, be sure to plan to participate in activities in several communities.

Affiliate societies can instill a sense of pride in their members, attract future members (and future R.T.s), and bring attention to the profession by actively participating and supporting the local community. As lawmakers become aware of the affiliate and profession (after all, where do lawmakers interact with their constituents and community?), relationships can grow and be leveraged for advocacy efforts.