Conducting an advocacy campaign takes a lot of work from a lot of people. You work hard and you asked others to work hard, too. You need to celebrate your efforts — every step of the way.

A big mistake affiliate societies often make is not promoting the accomplishments made as they advance patient safety and the radiologic science profession. Advocacy efforts often don’t show positive results for several years, and keeping volunteers motivated can be a challenge for affiliates.

One of the greatest motivators and rewards is to publicly announce what advocates are accomplishing. Put the items listed below on your calendar of tasks to complete:

  • Regularly post the affiliate's advocacy activity on your website and social media pages. Create a “Here’s What We’re Doing” section on the front page and make it a priority for posting updates.
    • Acknowledge the individual advocates who have been instrumental in the affiliate's efforts.
  • Periodically send blast emails to the radiologic technologists in your state, even if they’re not members of your affiliate society.  
    • It is important all technologists are aware of what is happening in their state.
  • As needed, submit a news release or letter to the editor.
  • Film an advocate video and post on YouTube.

Never leave anyone wondering what happened to the campaign and what lies ahead.

Acknowledging and celebrating the efforts the affiliate has undertaken will improve performance, help guide behavior and motivate others to follow the example. If you’re to be the go-to organization, your society will have to anticipate what will spark interest in future activism and continually update on your past efforts.

Even if the outcome of your campaign wasn’t quite as successful as you’d hoped, you should still celebrate the effort. Be honest about your efforts and the intent, and others will recognize your affiliate society is willing to take risks to defend radiologic technologists and patients — a real cause to celebrate!