Chapter 3: Activate and Assess Your Advocacy Campaign

This section gives an affiliate society some ideas to consider for utilizing their legislative committee. You’ll find information on writing an effective licensure law, hiring a lobbyist and the importance of monitoring legislative and regulatory activity

Influencing Your Lawmakers

Before the affiliate society can influence lawmakers, it needs to become familiar with who they are and how to communicate with them. In this section, affiliate leaders can find information on how to get to know lawmakers and some focused activities that individuals and groups can do. This section also contains a how-to sheet on creating possible questions and answers. 

Community Involvement

Getting involved in the community is good for the affiliate society and for radiologic technologists. Community involvement strengthens recognition of the profession and the important, yet sometimes overlooked, role that radiologic technologists play on the health care team. Being involved tells the public (including patients, their families and their friends) that the state affiliate society is the place to go to for credible information about the R.T. profession, and an active affiliate may raise its membership numbers with more R.T.s joining. 

Involving the Media

Utilizing media sources is an essential tool to announce information, influence lawmakers and educate the community about the affiliate advocacy campaign. Media outreach can benefit the affiliate society and advance the advocacy campaign, elevate public awareness, recruit members and portray the affiliate in a positive light. 

Celebrating Your Efforts

Conducting an advocacy campaign takes a lot of work from a lot of people. Affiliate leaders and members have worked hard and have asked others to work hard, too. Affiliates engaged in advocacy activities should celebrate their efforts, no matter how successful, every step of the way.

A big mistake affiliate societies often make is to not promote the accomplishments the group and individuals have made and are continuing to make as they advance patient safety and the radiologic science profession.

Continuing the Process

Make the affiliate's work matter. Use the checklist provided in this section to stay on track with building a succession plan for future advocacy efforts.