When searching for legislative enthusiasts to join your society's legislative committee, talk about promoting the profession and being the go-to experts. Affiliate leaders can attract radiologic technologists and students who want to make a difference and are eager to participate in a society that makes a difference. Here are some ways to find advocates to serve on an affiliate legislative committee and on other committees that help support the affiliate's advocacy efforts:

  • Create a survey asking members if they are interested in serving on a committee. Get ideas of what survey questions to ask.
  • Have an open board meeting. Send an email blast to all affiliate members urging them to attend. Invite nonmembers too! Advertise the meeting in a way that would entice nonmember R.T.s to get involved. 
  • A state lobby day is a perfect place to hold an open board meeting and invite advocates to join in the process.
  • Talk about committee positions and openings at work and encourage other affiliate board members to talk to their colleagues.

The following descriptions of jobs and other committee positioins closely related to the legislative committee will help affiliate leaders and potential legislative committee members understand what positions are on the committee, how the legislative committee interacts with other committees and suggestions for committee members’ duties, skills and time commitment. 

  • Legislative Committee Chairman

  • Legislative Committee Co-chairman

  • Public Relations Committee Chairman

  • Member Database Administrator

  • Affiliate Board Member

  • Legislative Committee Member