Examples of SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis is a great way for affiliate society leaders to select and prioritize advocacy activities that the affiliate may want to develop. Usually laid out in a chart divided into four squares, participants list out the affiliate's internal strengths and external opportunities, along with any internal weaknesses that may need to be addressed and anticipated external threats. The SWOT analysis can be framed around an issue (i.e., licensure) or could be expanded to a broad concept like survival of the affiliate society.

A sample SWOT analysis for obtaining licensure could look like:


  • Favorable political environment for licensure
  • Active student chapter interested in advocacy
  • Financially strong
  • Current lawmaker in the state house who is an R.T.


  • Not strong membership numbers from practicing R.T.s
  • Apathy toward licensure from long-time members
  • Unsure of what the members want in licensure bill
  • No PR committee to promote licensure to the public


  • Recent patient care incident supporting need for licensure
  • Pending changes for radiation control regulations
  • Upcoming meeting in the capitol city could lead to legislative meetings


  • Possible encroachment from PAs/NPs seeking exemption from licensure
  • Upcoming election may change legislative leadership
  • Other health professions licensure bills under consideration

After items are captured in the SWOT analysis, the group may want to discuss and rearrange them on the SWOT form after deciding whether the item at hand is an internal affiliate factor or an external issue. Some items can be both, and there are no rules about where a specific item should be listed as long as the group agrees. After reviewing all of the items listed in the analysis, the group can prioritize items that can be acted upon (usually strengths and weaknesses).  Other items that the affiliate has no control over (opportunities and threats) should stay on this list even though no specific action can be taken.

The SWOT analysis should be regularly reviewed and revised as the issue evolves. SWOT is not a concrete solution to strategic planning, but can be used as a tool to assist in the development of an action plan.