Advocacy Planning Suggestions

Every affiliate society is a vital part of being the voice of the radiologic science professionals in their state by serving as a source of information to members, potential members, lawmakers, media, healthcare organizations and the public in general.  Below are suggested steps for building an advocacy program in your state.  We suggest you use this document as a template and add your own helpful links and information.


Initiate ground work by investigating radiologic technology laws and regulations

I. Research existing laws and regulations
A. List key points and wording of existing regulations.
1. Brainstorm potential ways the existing law or regulation can be adapted to include other modalities, settings, etc.
2. Enter the link to Rule & Regulations of your state:
3. Enter the statutory reference(s)
B. Contact Information
1. Enter contact information for the radiation control program in your state (can be found on the ASRT Radiation Control Program Offices webpage).
2. Enter contact information for the regulatory agency in your state.
C. Timeframe
1. As soon as possible. Discuss this information during a board meeting and post any information gathered during this research to your website.