Chapter 2: Preparing for an Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy is as part of every aspect of your society. Find out how to engage stakeholders and affiliate members to participate in an advocacy campaign, establish a legislative committee, and create an advocacy budget. In this section you will also find information about the importance of monitoring state legislation and regulation. 

Strategic Planning

When building an advocacy program, affiliate leaders must decide what resources are needed to be successful and determine methods for measuring whether the affiliate has met its goals. This section will provide affiliate societies with the tools needed to ensure that their advocacy  program is on the right track. 

Stakeholder Buy-in

Learn the importance of discovering who primary stakeholders are, tips on how to establish working relationships with them and how to manage them properly.

Acquiring and Educating Advocates

Building a culture of advocacy will foster an environment of support and innovation and will entice other radiologic technologists to learn more. This section covers what members want and how to fulfill their needs.

Starting a Legislative Committee

A critical first step in establishing advocacy efforts is to appoint a legislative committee to monitor legislation, help set the budget for advocacy activities and contact other professionals about legislative efforts.

Creating a Legislative Budget

Promoting your profession and your affiliate society will result in more membership, more recognition from your elected officials and the general public, so you must remember advocacy expenses when creating your budget.