Advocacy Guidebook

Learn about standards and procedures that guide the advocacy efforts of state affiliate societies and find the resources you need to stay in compliance.


Chapter 1: How Standards Are Created

Read an overview of the legal authorities that govern the radiologic technology profession and how they rank in importance, plus learn about typical legislative and regulatory processes. In this chapter, you'll learn about why the enforcement of standards is necessary in order for laws to be effective; this section has information on how noncompliant individuals can be investigated and penalized. Resources in this chapter include links to state laws and regulations.

Chapter 2: Preparing for an Advocacy Campaign

When building an advocacy program, affiliate leaders must decide what resources their society needs to be successful and develop methods for determining whether the affiliate has met its goals. This chapter will provide affiliate societies with the tools needed to ensure that their advocacy program is on the right track.

Chapter 3: Activate and Assess Your Advocacy Campaign

Once you've established an advocacy program, it is essential you take steps to maintain and strengthen it — it's a continual process of assessing your progress. This chapter covers ways to utilize your legislative committee and influence lawmakers. There also are tips for working with the media and getting involved in the community, plus tools to help with the continual process.