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Connecticut Creates Radiation Repository

Mar 31, 2017

The Connecticut Hospital Association is working to create a statewide radiation dose management repository to track and monitor radiation doses for patients undergoing radiologic procedures.

According to a news release from the CHA, the new program will benchmark radiation exposure by sharing the data in the repository and will allow patients and their doctors to closely manage the levels of radiation required for effective imaging and diagnosis.

“Giving the lowest appropriate dose of radiation to make a diagnosis is important for patient safety,” said Jennifer Jackson, CEO of CHA, in the news release. “The repository will provide clinicians with a tool to assist in evaluating the optimal radiation dosage for patients.”

The repository will use Radimetrics, a proprietary analytics tool that provides personnel with data to help ensure patients receive the lowest radiation dosage necessary. The repository will maintain radiation dose information when patients visit participating CHA member institutions for diagnostic procedures.


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