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PA Bill May Mandate Imaging Abnormality Disclosure

Mar 02, 2018

A bill that would call for diagnostic imaging providers to notify patients when outpatient imaging procedures reveal significant abnormalities is under consideration by the Pennsylvania legislature.

House Bill 1884 – also called The Patient Test Result Information Act – would require patients or their designees to receive written notice about the appearance of abnormalities on the patient’s imaging studies no later than 20 days after results are sent to the ordering health care practitioner.

The notice would be required to contain the name of the ordering physician, dates when the imaging was performed and a statement stressing that the notice is intended to alert the patient about an abnormal finding on the diagnostic imaging test and to encourage the patient to contact his or her health care practitioner for consultation.

The legislation covers specific ways a notice may be communicated to the patient, required patient signoff after its delivery and a sign-off exemption when results are reported at the time of service. Routine obstetric ultrasound, inpatient imaging and diagnostic radiographs would be exempted.


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