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Missouri Introduces R.T. Licensure Bill

Jan 20, 2017

Rep. Galen Higdon has introduced House Bill 601, a measure that would license radiographers, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, magnetic resonance technologists, radiologist assistants and nuclear medicine advanced associates.

Missouri is one of only five states in the nation with no licensure or regulatory laws for radiologic technologists. Currently, individuals in the state can perform radiologic procedures without taking a single course in medical radiation safety, patient positioning or basic radiologic science physics.

The Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists strongly supports the enactment of this bill during the 2017 legislative session. We encourage medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals in Missouri to contact their state representative in Jefferson City to ask him or her to support HB 601.

The bill was introduced on Jan. 12, 2017.


Barbara Hente
The 2016 legislative session has begun. If anyone in Missouri has questions, you can go to MoSRT.ORG and to the Board site and email questions. Our Legislative "person" that has been the most involved is Diane Hutton. Diane will be most happy to assist you and to answer any questions.
DIane Hutton
MoSRT is looking forward to a great legislative year. Of course, we cannot do that without YOU! All Missouri technologists, students, and interested people need to be informed. Make sure to check out mosrt.org for updates. The Missouri legislative session began January 6, 2016. Being an advocate is being involved; you can start by attending our state advocacy day on February 9, 2016 in Jefferson City. I feel we can get this done this year with your help! See you at RT in JC February 9, D.
Yes!!!!!!! I hope this bill passes & becomes law! We need to prevent those untrained MA's & nurses from performing radiologic procedures not knowing anything about it! We ARRT rad techs go through vigorious 2 or more years of all inclusive radiography program & we learn everything about radiation including physics & safety. We are the best qualified to perform this job & the standards should be upgraded to include only us.
Diane Hutton
Let's go Missouri technologists!! Now is the time for all of us to begin our grassroots efforts.I challenge each of you to begin calling your legislators to ask for their support/sponsorship. We all know how much work this involves but Missouri patients need to be assured of quality imaging and radiation therapy procedures by educationally trained and clinically competent individuals.
CS Goodman
Please explain how an individual that has never been trained to take an x-ray could possibly do so. I studied a very extensive two year program which included anatomy, physiology, positioning, radiation safety, patient safety, went through clinicals, etc. As a patient, I would not want someone working on me without knowledge of the profession and a thorough understanding of radiation.
We have been pushing hard for this to pass for a while now. Come on Missouri, get with the program! It doesn't matter if it costs more money, it is the right thing to do, to protect patients and health care workers.
I have worked in 5 different states as a registered radiographer. Missouri has been one of those states. The clinic I worked for is a national company with many locations throughout the US. While most of the radiographers were registered we did have a few that were not, and when I first worked for the company they did have MA's performing radiology exams.(In 2014, the company took the MA's out of radiology)The number of basic diagnostic exams on any given day averaged 4-6 procedures a day. The non registered techs had completed a 2 year program but either had not taken the national boards, or had failed them. In my opinion all the techs performed well, followed ALARA standards, positioned well and were very efficient. While there are only a few states that do not require a state license, every employer I've worked for over the past 15 years has always required my ARRT card before hire. I've always felt that EVERY x-ray tech should be nationally licensed by the ARRT, if you are not then you should not be working in this country as one.


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