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Centering Key to CT Dose Optimization

Oct 14, 2016
A new white paper from Philips Healthcare about dose optimization during computed tomography procedures points to the fundamental importance of the technologist’s role in properly centering the patient.

“Patients that are not properly centered do not have their center of mass properly aligned with the center of the bowtie filter, which affects the attenuation of the x-ray beam and image noise,” according to the paper.“ As a result, dose optimization efforts to reduce radiation dose while maintaining image noise may be compromised in miscentered patients.”

The paper states that when properly positioned, the CT technologist should see that the patient is in the center of the CT bed and envision an imaginary line from between the patient’s eyes to the center of the pelvis. Most modern scanners use lasers to aid the technologist in positioning the patient.

In addition, the white paper reports that previous studies show patients are often not lined up correctly with the iso-center of the scanner, and small patients are more likely to be miscentered than large patients.

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