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Fewer No-Shows with MR Team Training

Sep 30, 2016

According to research published in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI technologists who are team trained in techniques that calm and comfort patients can improve patient show-up rates and rates of completed procedures.

“Our preliminary results suggest training of the imaging team can improve the no-show and incompletion rates of the MRI service, positively affecting throughput and utilization,” the authors concluded in the study. “Team training can be readily implemented and may help address the needs of the current cost-conscious and consumer-sensitive health care environment.”

The study evaluated nearly 100,000 patient visits, comparing about 50,000 visits at baseline against another 50,000 after training. MR teams in the study received instruction in communication, teamwork and comforting techniques. The training also included simulation scenarios requiring “appropriate behavioral and communicative interventions,” according to the study.

Patients' no-show rates decreased from 11.2% to 8.7% and incompletion rates decreased from 2.3 % to 1.4%.

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