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MA Could Allow Nurses To Perform Imaging

Jul 15, 2016

Two bills have been introduced in the Massachusetts Legislature that could allow advanced practice registered nurses to include performance or administration of medical imaging tests or examinations in the APRN scope of practice.

It is important to note that the bills do not contain definitions of what tests or examinations nurse practitioners would be allowed to perform. In addition, they do not clearly state what the terms “tests” or “examinations” mean. However, the absence of clear definitions for these terms, which are frequently used in medical imaging, leaves this bill open to interpretation. As a result, the Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists and ASRT believe the language could apply to medical imaging procedures.

House Bill 1889 and 1996, and Senate Bill 1163 and 1207, could exempt APRNs from established state licensure requirements and allow them to perform medical imaging procedures without demonstrating completion of:

Specialized education in the management of ionizing radiation.

Radiologic technologist or radiologist-supervised clinical training in medical imaging procedures.

Quantifiable competency assessment through examination.

The Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists and the ASRT oppose the expansion of the scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses to include “performance” or “administration” of medical imaging “tests” or “examinations.” As a result, the MSRT and ASRT oppose these bills based on the lack of clear delineation of which tests or examinations nurse practitioners could be allowed to perform or administer if their scope of practice is expanded.

We encourage all radiologic technologists in Massachusetts to contact their legislators in Boston and ask them to oppose H.B. 1889 and 1996, and S.B. 1163 and 1207, until the scope of the language in the bills is clarified.

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