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Joint Commission Rescinds CT Standards

Jun 21, 2016
The ASRT is disappointed with The Joint Commission’s decision to rescind two measures that would have required radiologic technologists who perform computed tomography procedures to achieve advanced-level CT certification.

On June 17, 2016, The Joint Commission announced it was deleting the following note on an element of performance, or EP measure, from its diagnostic imaging requirements for hospitals, critical access hospitals and ambulatory care organizations:

  • "HR.01-02-05 – Note 1: Effective Jan.1, 2018, all technologists who perform diagnostic computed tomography (CT) exams will be expected to have advanced-level certification in computed tomography.”

  • In addition, the organization announced that it was suspending implementation of the following EP measure:

  • "HR.01.05.03, EP 26 – Technologists who perform diagnostic computed tomography (CT) exams participate in education that prepares them to achieve advanced-level CT certification by Jan. 1, 2018."

  • It is important to note that The Joint Commission did not provide details about its decision to suspend the advanced CT education component outlined in HR.01.05.03, EP 26. ASRT will contact The Joint Commission to get clarification on this measure to determine if it will be revisited in the future.

    ASRT worked closely with The Joint Commission and other medical imaging organizations for more than two years to develop standards that would improve the quality and safety of CT procedures by requiring personnel who perform CT to be educationally prepared and clinically competent.

    Although the new standards require personnel to hold primary certification in radiography or nuclear medicine, or a state license to perform CT and education in CT, we believe this decision by The Joint Commission is not in the best interest of patient safety and is in conflict with the ASRT Practice Standards for CT.

    We will continue to urge The Joint Commission to establish comprehensive standards for personnel performing CT exams. Patients deserve the best care possible, including having registered radiologic technologists certified in CT perform their procedures. Also, we will continue to encourage all facility and practice accreditation organizations to require advanced education and certification for personnel performing diagnostic CT procedures.


    Wendy D
    What options have the ASRT proposed for advanced education for technologist who already have a Bachelors Degree? What incentives are offered?
    Thanks for your comment, Wendy. We offer several options for CT education. ASRT’s CT Basics series provides a comprehensive overview of CT procedures and CT safety best practices. In addition, the CT edition of Radiologic Technology covers timely information about current practices and trends in CT. The CT Community also is a great resource to learn about opportunities in CT. Please feel free to contact Member Services for more information: memberservices@asrt.org.
    S J
    Can your CT Basics course count towards the 16 hrs of structural education required by the ARRT for applicants of the CT registry?
    Thanks for your question. Yes, CT Basics does count toward the structured education requirement.
    Tracy Herring
    Do you have still have the 16 hrs of structural education if you are already CT registered.
    Thanks for your question, Tracy. As we understand it, if you’re already CT registered with the ARRT, then you don’t need the structured education. However, please contact the ARRT if you have additional questions, https://www.arrt.org/Contact-ARRT.
    What exactly is the Joint Commission stating? Not at all sure we in our department understand just what they are implying.
    Thank you for your question, Stan. Please visit the Joint Commission’s website for its statement on this issue: https://www.jointcommission.org/prepublication_st....
    Miracle Box
    Great posting admin thanks for sharing with us.
    I took my CT Registry in 2014, and at that time they said I would have additional requirements to meet other then the 24 CE credits to keep my Certification in the future. Is this still the case?
    Hello Myssi, You may be thinking about the Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR). This is a requirement of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). We suggest that you visit the ARRT's CQR information page at https://www.arrt.org/registration/CQR to find answers to your questions.
    3rd shifter
    I for one don't care for the be shown once, Then do one, now you show the next person. Also with technical exams like angio heads or necks being walked through them over the phone because they happen so rarely on third shift and they eliminated call for actual CT techs between the hours of 11 to 7 for convenience. But hey, PT safety right. Also I do twice as many CT's on third shift than I do X-rays. Lack of radiologist so PA and Dr are responsible to read their own X-ray till Radiologist is in to review at 8am. But the CT's get read off site. So dose creep there due to liability.


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