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Study Casts Doubt on Medical Radiation Effects

Feb 26, 2016

Researchers have concluded there is no evidence low-level radiation from medical imaging causes cancer. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, a team of researchers say they have debunked a long-held and widespread belief about medical imaging.

The report suggests that a theory known as linear no-threshold is an unproven theoretical model based on assumptions that have never been proven by evidence. LNT is a model used to estimate cancer risks from low-dose radiation procedures widely used in medical imaging and assumes there is no safe dose of radiation, no matter how small.

Risk estimates based on this model “are only theoretical and, as yet, have never been conclusively demonstrated by empirical evidence,” said study author James Welsh, M.D., of Loyola University Medical Center, in a news release.

The research team re-examined the original studies of fruit flies exposed to various doses of radiation, dating back more than 70 years, which led to adoption of the LNT model. The researchers found that the data reported in those studies do not support the LNT principle.

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