Author Guide

Author Guide
Write CE for ASRT

ASRT's journals, Radiologic Technology and Radiation Therapist, provide readers with continuing education opportunities. Directed Reading articles are the heart of this endeavor. Understanding your article's purpose will help you tailor your writing to readers’ needs. ASRT typically commissions Directed Reading articles before writing begins.


Directed Readings are review articles that summarize recent research on a topic without making an original contribution to the body of knowledge. They are generally broad in scope and describe the radiologic technologist’s role in particular procedures or conditions.


The Directed Readings program is designed to enhance the professional development of radiologic technologists. These articles allow ASRT members to earn CE credits and keep up with advances in the profession.


ASRT members are the principal audience for Directed Reading articles. Although some people read these articles for personal interest and general knowledge, many members use these articles to maintain their certification as registered technologists. Radiologic technologists must earn 24 CE credits every two years; reading Directed Reading articles and completing Directed Reading quizzes is an excellent way for them to meet registration requirements.

Active ASRT members have completed an accredited educational program in the radiologic sciences and have passed a national certification examination. Educational programs are at the certificate, associate, baccalaureate and master’s degree levels.

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