Author Guide

Author Guide
ASRT Journal Column Types

Column Name Description Word Count Example
Advances in Technology Presents new technology and equipment 600-2000 Description of new equipment and how it is used in the clinic
Bookshelf Presents short book reviews on new medical imaging and radiation therapy texts 300-500 A review of The Physics & Technology of Radiation Therapy
Case Summary Presents an unusual or challenging patient case or imaging assignment 1000-2000 Special techniques for imaging the augmented breast
Focus on Safety Provides current information regarding quality and safety in the radiologic sciences 600-2000 Updates on magnetic resonance imaging safety
Global Outlook Reports on education and practice of radiologic technologists in other nations 600-2000 Advanced practice for radiation therapists in England
In the Clinic Provides practical technical information for on-the-job use 600-3500 A new or unusual positioning technique
Management Toolbox Focuses on practical issues concerning department management and professional growth 600-3500 Factors to consider when redesigning a cancer treatment center department
My Perspective Provides a personal opinion on a topic related to or experience in radiology or radiation therapy 600-1500 The importance of considering patients’ emotional needs
Patient Care Provides tips on caring for patients, including effective communication strategies 600-1500 The importance of observing patients’ facial expressions
Practice Fundamentals Reviews basic practices and procedures to refresh technologists’ skills 300-500 Effective positioning
Professional Review Summarizes existing knowledge regarding a specific disease or addresses an issue of concern to the radiologic science profession as a whole 600-2000 Discussion of alternative medicine and radiation therapy practice
Setup Solutions Discusses innovative solutions to patient setup or patient care problems 600-2000 Unique immobilization devices used for a complicated setup
Teaching Techniques Focuses on teaching and learning in radiation therapy 600-3500 Effective assignments
Technical Query Covers troubleshooting image acquisition and processing 300-500 The cause of a halo effect on a radiograph and how it was corrected

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