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    ASRT Foundation Awards Valuable Sponsor A Student Grants

    Nov 17, 2021

    The ASRT Foundation has awarded 77 one-year ASRT memberships to first-time student members. The Sponsor A Student Grant is funded largely by donations from individual ASRT members to highlight the value of membership in the world’s largest radiologic science association and to help them prepare for their future.

    ASRT student members have access to helpful resources such as study tools, practice exams, career planning tools and valuable advice to help prepare for the certification exam.

    Please congratulate the recipients named below and welcome our newest ASRT members.


    Madison Adams

    Jaden Aguila Labra

    Javier Almaguer

    Tyler Anderson

    Hannah Atwood

    Melissa Barlow

    Alyssa Basurto

    Breanna Beaulieu

    Amanda Berry

    Kelly Bradley

    Haley Breedlove

    Alexandra Briehl

    Kiley Brooker

    Karigan Brown

    Justin Butz

    Michelle Cabral

    Haley Conaway

    Maya Cordova

    Elizabeth Crawford

    Haylee Cunningham

    Savannah Daanen

    Laura Depue

    Ciera Digby

    Stephanie Dyquiangco Valencia

    Keith Ferrer

    Melissa Garcia

    Cory Goble

    Michele Gomez

    Shannon Gonnella

    Emily Greene

    Lauren Greenleaf

    Roselia Guardado

    Linda Gutzkow

    Amy Hazlett

    Alexus Hernandez

    Cierra Hill

    Alexis Holmstrom

    Quana Johnson

    Mariena Khayri

    Ingrid Knutson

    Laura Kreuz

    John Lammers

    Machae Langford

    Isabelle Lefebvre

    Athena Llamas

    Abigail Lotten

    Jasmin Luna

    Michelle Makie-Olsen

    Christopher Martins

    Yahaira Medina

    Aaron Miller

    McKenzie Morris

    Antonia Nguyen

    Meredith Oliver

    Alleigh Raborn

    Autumn Reed

    Suzanne Reichert

    Lorraine-Andrea Rojas Cesario

    Alivia Ann Rac

    Ethel Roper

    Samantha Ruiz

    Kelly Seidler

    Kayla Short

    Erin Sipes

    Abby Skaar

    Jan Solatorio

    Ronda Stanard

    Haley Sugimoto

    Katelyn Taylor

    Savannah Terrana

    Elisheva Toledano

    Nina Tran Tumrongsiripol

    Molly Tumulty

    Ashlyn White

    Jessica Williams

    Jennifer Wills

    Brittany Wong


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