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Sectional Anatomy Essentials

Resources for Teaching Sectional Anatomy

Enhance your teaching library with nine interactive, online modules that cover the location and function of major anatomical structures in the human body.

  • Product ImageSectional Anatomy Essentials is an easy-to-follow educational program designed for administrators, managers or educators who want to teach major anatomical structures using high-quality MR and CT images and realistic animation sequences. This training resource is licensed for unlimited use. It contains all nine modules, transcripts, an image library and test banks for each module.

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What's Included:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Sectional Anatomy
  • Module 2: Cranium and Facial Bones
  • Module 3: The Brain
  • Module 4: The Spine
  • Module 5: The Neck
  • Module 6: The Thorax
  • Module 7: The Abdomen
  • Module 8: The Pelvis
  • Module 9: The Extremities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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For educational and institutional use. This product is licensed for noncommercial, educational in-house or online educational course use only in educational and corporate institutions. Any broadcast, duplication, circulation, public viewing, conference viewing or internet posting of this product is strictly prohibited.