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Sectional Anatomy Essentials Demo

Use the scroll bar below each image for a demonstration of the interactive animations featured throughout the nine-module Sectional Anatomy Essentials series. These high quality images are included in the educational series to give you the chance to explore the location and function of major anatomical structures in the human body.

You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to view the demos below, 

Module 5: The Neck

This module discusses the arteries and veins of the neck. Use the scroll bar to view the arteries of the neck and help you recognize the following vessels: the common carotid arteries, the internal carotid arteries, the external carotid arteries and the vertebral arteries.

Module 7: The Abdomen

This module describes bones, muscles, organs, vascular and lymphatic systems within the abdomen as well as the flow of urine, reproductive systems, and arterial and venous blood flow. Use the scroll bar below to view the kidneys, which are bean-shaped organs located to the right and left of the spine in the retroperitoneum.