Research and Writing Essentials

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Research and Writing Essentials

Teach Research and Writing Skills

Writing in the medical field is not an easy undertaking. You can help your students take their writing to the next level with this seven-module online series on medical writing. The series comes with a test bank, author guide, style guide and additional resources for free.

Research and Writing Essentials: The Series

Research and Writing Essentials is an easy-to follow educational program designed for educators who want to help students improve their writing skills, conduct research or increase their chances of getting published in medical journals.

This package is licensed for educational and institutional use. It contains all seven modules, transcripts and test banks for each module, the ASRT Guide for Authors, the ASRT Style Guide and additional resources.


Module 1 – How To Get Published

Module 2 – Choosing and Narrowing a Research Topic

Module 3 – Writing a Literature Review

Module 4 – Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Module 5 – Matching Research Designs and Analyses

Module 6 - Mechanics of Good Writing

Module 7 - Applied Topics

The Research and Writing Essentials modules are .swf Adobe Flash files. The modules can be viewed using any of the popular Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The test bank files are in both Microsoft Word and .swf Adobe Flash files and the transcripts are in PDF format.

For educational and institutional use. This product is licensed for noncommercial, educational in-house or online educational course use only in educational and corporate institutions. Any broadcast, duplication, circulation, public viewing, conference viewing or internet posting of this product is strictly prohibited.

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The institutional/educator version offers a license for unlimited use. It does not offer CE credit. We also offer a version for professionals who would like to obtain CE credit.