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Fluoroscopy: The Series

Fluoroscopy — The Series

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These courses will help you expand your technical skills, limit radiation risks and improve your knowledge of fluoroscopy in any health care setting.

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Do you live in California? We can help you prepare for your California fluoroscopy license exam or earn the credits needed to maintain your California fluoroscopy permit.

Do you live in Oregon? We can help you satisfy the requirements for non-radiologist practitioners. Our training is accepted by the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division.

  • Fluoroscopy
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    This package includes all six individual fluoroscopy modules.

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    Describes the process of imaging intensification, explains the function of flat-panel detector arrays and identifies the components of fluoroscopy systems.
    1 Category A
    Covers the impact prime exposure factors have on the x-ray beam; the impact SID, beam restriction and grids have on receptor exposure; and the techniques that reduce errors associated with grid cut off and Moiré effect.
    1.5 Category A
    Summarizes the patient variables that can affect image receptor exposure. It covers the factors that reduce patient dose and how the use of beam restriction and lead shielding enhance image capture and reduce the risk of patient exposure.
    1 Category A

Who should take these courses?

These quality continuing education courses cover topics essential for anesthesiologists, cardiologists, cardiovascular-interventional technologists, emergency room physicians, gastroenterologists, interventionalists, managers, nurse practitioners, orthopedists, pain management physicians, physician assistants, program directors, pulmonologists, radiographers, radiologist assistants, radiology residents, radiologists, radiology nurses, surgeons and urologists.

This series of courses will also help all medical professionals in California prepare for the ARRT California fluoroscopy license exam or earn CE needed to maintain their state fluoroscopy permit

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