Most-Active Chapter Award

About the Award

The ASRT Board of Directors has introduced an award recognizing the most-active chapter to encourage ASRT chapter steering committees to reach out and strengthen communication with chapter members. The Most-Active Chapter award will be given out during the Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting. Each delegate seated on the winning ASRT chapter steering committee will receive a plaque commemorating the delegate's contribution to the chapter's success.

How to Win

The award will go to the chapter with the highest percentage of activity in the ASRT Communities discussion forums for the year starting each April. Activity is based on the number of visitors to each chapter community divided by the number of posts or replies made in each chapter discussion forum. Any week in which no activity occurs will result in a penalty point factored into the final activity score equation. The final activity score is considered in determining which chapter receives the award. The results table will be updated at the beginning of each month.

Join the discussion and help your chapter win!