Ways to Celebrate NRTW®

National Radiologic Technology Week® is the time each year when you can demonstrate the importance of medical imaging and radiation oncology. This promotion guide will help make your celebration a success.

A Brief History of NRTW

The first NRTW was July 22-29, 1979. The celebration was moved to November to recognize the date Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray: Nov. 8, 1895. The annual celebration promotes the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in providing quality patient care and a safe health care environment. NRTW is about medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals. How you choose to celebrate NRTW is what makes it unique to the radiologic sciences.

Staff Recognition

Use special events to recognize radiologic technologists at your workplace:

  • Sponsor a competition among departments or staff within your organization. How about a Where's Roentgen contest? Hide photos of Roentgen in the imaging area for people to find. The first to find a photo wins a prize — or expand the contest to whoever finds the most photos in the imaging department after an open house. Start off the contest by giving a short history of the discovery of the x-ray.
  • You've heard tales of impossible positioning and films that could double as abstract art. Why not showcase a few bizarre examples in a kind of film festival? Give NRTW products as prizes. Or, hold a "funniest photo" contest. Display photos of your staff and award prizes for interesting or hilarious snapshots.
  • Ask restaurants to participate in your campaign with NRTW product giveaways or special deals for R.T.s such as a free muffin with a drink, two-for-one specials or half-price dinner coupons.
  • Organize a drawing for a gourmet dinner for two, a coffee and dessert, or a basket of fruit.
  • Put up posters and displays in your workplace about medical imaging and radiation therapy. The displays can be strategically placed to reach employees and customers. Don't forget the official NRTW poster is available through the NRTW products catalog.
  • Ask a local sports team for group tickets to a game. Get the staff together one night during NRTW for food, sports and fun. Everyone can wear their official NRTW T-shirt to the game. Remember to let the announcer know that your group is at the event and that it is National Radiologic Technology Week.


Develop an in-service program explaining NRTW to your organization. You can tailor the program to address issues of importance to your patients, managers, co-workers and other staff members.

In-house, Community and Public Awareness

Talk to your organization's newsletter editor or enlist the help of someone with desktop publishing skills. Let them know what events you have planned. Promote activities via newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, your website, email and advertisements. You might also consider a bulletin board or portable display that can be placed in different locations.

To attract attention to your organization's celebration, deliver NRTW products or treats and a press release about your event or campaign to radio and television stations. On-air personalities may talk about receiving these gifts and explain what NRTW is about. Write a public service announcement (PSA) for your NRTW events. Most stations will run your PSA throughout the week as time permits, free of charge.

Sponsor a traffic report on a popular local radio station. The station might even provide the sponsorship for free as a public service announcement. Your staff will enjoy hearing their profession recognized on air as they drive to and from work.

Imaging Open House

Celebrate NRTW in the weeks leading up to the event by holding an open house in each of your imaging areas. Have food, prizes and activities for your staff.

This is a great opportunity for others at your workplace to find out what is happening in your area, reinforce patient safety, provide informal education, showcase new technology and meet fellow employees. Announce the event through your newsletter and email.


Showing a video about the profession is a good way to share information about medical imaging and radiation therapy, particularly if you cannot find local experts to speak at a forum. Films can easily lead to interesting discussions, especially when used with relatively small audiences. You could show free health care films such as "The Doctor," "Breast Cancer: Replacing Fear With Facts" and "Cinder Path." Publicize the series using your local media. ASRT has produced a 28-minute video, "Career Encounters," which introduces viewers to careers in radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and sonography.

Order Career Encounters DVD

Information Booths

Booths can be set up in your department, at schools or at your local city hall and community centers. Use the booth to give away NRTW products, promotional materials and informational pamphlets.

You also can create a display focused on medical imaging and radiation therapy. Possible themes include breast cancer awareness, practice standards, the history of x-rays, prenatal screening or licensure issues facing the profession. Have books available for browsing. Generate interest by providing food and drinks or giving away prizes donated by local merchants.

Have children from local schools design posters to display in your booth. Ask booth visitors to vote on their favorite design and offer prizes for the best posters.

Health Fairs and Educational Programs

Another way to interact with the community and promote the radiologic sciences is through health fairs and educational programs during NRTW. Set up demonstrations or exhibits in your institution, schools, shopping malls, libraries or government offices.


Fundraisers offer an excellent opportunity to get your NRTW message across and raise money for a worthy cause. Hold a raffle or consider holding a bake sale or potluck dinner. Put a twist on a bake sale by compiling a cookbook featuring staff recipes.

Tours and Open Houses

Tours and open houses appeal to all audiences and present opportunities to publicize NRTW along with the work you do. It's also a great time to show off your department and personnel, especially R.T.s and their contributions to health care. Remember to plan your tour or open house around your NRTW goals and the message you want to convey.

Tips and Tricks for Promoting National Radiologic Technology Week®


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