Steps for a Successful Celebration


Twelve steps for a successful National Radiologic Technology Week® celebration:

  1. Have a plan. All successful events start with a plan with reasonable and attainable goals.
  2. Create a task force. Form a team of motivated colleagues and community representatives to rally support and accomplish each step of the plan. Get to know your hospital's public relations expert and ask him or her to be a team member.
  3. Designate a leader. Elect a chairman and record keeper. As planning progresses, designate specific tasks to individuals or groups. Remember that good leaders know how to delegate duties.
  4. Determine objectives. Write down your goals, objectives and the primary message to promote.
  5. Identify your audience. Possible target audiences include the public, fellow health care professionals, community leaders and patients.
  6. Outline your plan. Determine what needs to happen to achieve your goals. Consider every possibility for publicizing your message. Set specific deadlines.
  7. Sign up volunteers. Get help from volunteers in your community and explain to them the purpose of NRTW® and what you are trying to achieve.
  8. Involve the community. Invite other people (teachers, business and community leaders, former patients) to participate in planning your celebration. These people may have contacts who can help you spread the word about NRTW®.
  9. Involve the media. Contact local representatives from television, radio, newspapers and community magazines early in the planning process. Inform them of your plans and keep them informed every step of the way. Invite them to participate in every event you schedule.
  10. Order NRTW products. Use American Society of Radiologic Technologists NRTW® products as awards to recognize radiologic technologists, to thank community leaders who support your efforts or as raffle items to raise funds for health care programs.
  11. Share your ideas. E-mail the ASRT Marketing Department at about your plans as they develop. We would love to share your ideas with other members, and we may even be able to give you a few additional tips. Go to for past success stories or to submit your success stories from previous celebrations.
  12. Evaluate your efforts. At the end of your celebration, formally evaluate what worked and what didn't work. This is a good time to lay the groundwork for next year's event.