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  • Free Conference Mobile App

    Download the App

    Access our new conference app on your mobile device or desktop computer. The app is available for Apple iPhone and iPad iOS 10+ and for Android 6+ devices. BlackBerry and Windows mobile device users can use the mobile web version, which behaves much like the app but does need connectivity in order to view.

    Open this page on your mobile device, then choose the option for your device below. Desktop users, open the mobile web version for immediate access.

    The app will let you:

    • Access the conference schedule and customize your agenda.
    • Read about speakers and their courses.
    • Evaluate each course.
    • Learn about conference exhibitors.
    • Find maps of the hotel and the surrounding area.
    • Find other conference attendees.
    • Share experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
    • Send your conference photos directly to our "social wall" to share your experience.

    Logging In

    You must log in to perform certain functions, which include:

    • Taking notes.
    • Connecting with other attendees.
    • Adding events to your schedule.
    • Sharing on social media.
    • Syncing from your desktop computer to your mobile device.

    Watch this short video for details about how to log in.

    Course Evaluations

    Completing course evaluations with the app is quick and easy. Here's how to evaluate each course:

    1. Select Schedule.
    2. Choose your course.
    3. Under Surveys, select Course and Presenter Evaluation.