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More than 1,000 professionally committed radiation therapists and medical dosimetrists attend the ASRT Radiation Therapy Conference. These movers and shakers represent the best of the best radiation therapy professionals in the United States.

Whether you’re looking to cultivate sales, increase product or service awareness or build relationships with end users, the ASRT provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reach radiation therapists who make decisions. Meet your conference goals and experience measurable return on investment by interacting with the passionate radiation therapy leaders of more than 153,000 ASRT members.

With three days of corporate support opportunities, we can help design a custom-tailored package based on your unique needs!

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  • Accuray Incorporated

    Accuray Incorporated develops, manufactures and supports a complete portfolio of radiation therapy platforms for treating multiple forms of cancer. We design our innovative solutions in collaboration with oncology professionals who share our goals of continuously improving care and helping patients live longer and healthier lives. The company’s Radixact™ System, next generation TomoTherapy® platform and CyberKnife® System are designed to deliver precise intensity-modulated radiation therapy, image-guided radiation therapy, adaptive radiation therapy, radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy. We surround our platforms with a full range of expert services that our customers leverage to confidently achieve their most important patient and practice outcomes.


  • Best Medical International

    Best Medical and the TeamBest family of companies provide products for all your External Beam Therapy and Brachytherapy needs, including: Best® Iodine-125 and Palladium-103 seeds, brachytherapy accessories, radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging devices, equipment for patient dosimetry, patient immobilization and thermoplastics, warming ovens, vascular brachytherapy devices, medical physics/QA instrumentation, Cyclotron Systems, particle therapy systems ... and much more!


  • Bionix_logo

    Bionix Radiation Therapy

    Bionix Radiation Therapy provides the radiation therapy community with innovative, quality and precise products for brachytherapy and internal and external immobilization. We are dedicated to collaboration with clinicians to create novel approaches to current challenges in radiation oncology. We strive for elegant, simple and effective solutions with patient outcome in mind. Bionix Radiation Therapy is on the forefront of clinical technology. We are taking radical approaches to improve precision and accuracy from the most highly complex cancers that require advanced precision. Our solutions provide clinicians with the tools they need to treat cancer while we maintain our focus on the fight to end cancer.


  • The Brewer Company, LLC

    The Brewer Company

    The Brewer Company offers clinicians a mobile patient lift, LiftMate™, that assists patients on to and off of any fixed-height surface quickly, easily and safely, helping to prevent patient falls. LiftMate has a sturdy platform with handrails on both sides, which add confidence in taking weight-bearing radiographs to assisting patients on and off narrow table designs. LiftMate’s maneuverable design makes it easy to move from one room to another, maximizing your exam table ROI. Stop by booth #28 to speak to us about how Brewer’s mobile patient lift can advance the care and treatment you provide.


  • CDR Systems

    CDR Systems Inc.

    CDR is a leading supplier of innovative immobilization and patient positioning solutions worldwide. We recently moved to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Calgary to meet the increasing demand, and we aim to be carbon neutral by 2019. Whether you are a freestanding cancer center or a hospital-based health care provider, our brands — SABELLA, FREEDOM, PROCLINE and LT-THERMOPLASTIC — offer leading-edge solutions to provide unrivalled outcomes for patients and health care providers.


  • CIVCO Radiotherapy

    CIVCO Radiotherapy has more than 35 years of experience in the radiation therapy industry and offers high-quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy solutions. These solutions include couchtops and overlays for linear accelerators and imaging systems, advanced patient immobilization solutions, robotic patient positioning, advanced fiducial markers and immobilization/positioning equipment and consumables.


  • Elekta

    Elekta is proud to be the leading innovator of equipment and software used to improve, prolong and save the lives of people who have cancer and brain disorders. Our advanced, effective solutions are created in collaboration with customers, and more than 6,000 hospitals worldwide rely on Elekta technology. Our treatment solutions and oncology informatics portfolios are designed to enhance the delivery of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy, and to drive cost efficiency in clinical workflows. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Elekta employs 3,600 people around the world and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.


  • GVS_logo

    Grand Valley State University Graduate Medical Dosimetry Program

    Grand Valley State University educates students to shape their lives, their professions and their societies. The medical dosimetry program is a JRCERT–accredited, 12-month hybrid (online and in-person) program that includes didactic and clinical education for a total of 37 credits. Students remain at one clinical location for the entire year and are required to come to GVSU three times. A part-time option also is available for working therapists.


  • Indiana University

    Indiana University ranks among the nation’s top universities for intellectual leadership, groundbreaking research and continual innovation. IU Online is Indiana University — online. Students get the same faculty, personalized service and diploma as on-campus students. IU Online offers 110+ academic programs, including a B.S. in medical imaging technology. The program prepares you to be a clinically competent professional who communicates effectively, thinks critically, applies problem-solving skills in the health care environment and values lifelong learning and growth.


  • Klarity

    Klarity Medical Products, LLC

    Klarity Medical Products is a global leader in the design and manufacture of thermoplastics and stabilization devices. State-of-the-art products, such as our AccuCushions™ and the Klarity AirFlow™ Oven, are transforming how therapists do their work and setting a higher standard for patient care.


  • kmed_logo

    KMed, LLC

    KMed, LLC, is a company created by Elizabeth Korzelius, a radiation therapist dedicated to providing innovative treatment devices to improve patient set-ups and outcomes. It offers the K-Belt, a device used in the treatment of obese patients who require pelvic irradiation. The K-Belt effectively lifts excess abdominal tissue away from the treatment area, eliminating or reducing skin folds, reducing set-up time, increasing set-up reproducibility and significantly reducing skin reactions.


  • macromedics_logo


    MacroMedics focuses on the development of innovative, high-end patient positioning products for radiotherapy treatment. Our goal is to create new generations of excellent products through an open and constructive dialogue with radiotherapy professionals.


  • Orfit

    Orfit Industries America

    Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops, produces and sells the most precise and reliable immobilization systems for head, neck and shoulders using masks that limit movement to less than 1.5 mm. A comprehensive family of systems are available for supine/prone breast, SBRT, extremities, pelvis/abdomen, proton therapy, MR and pediatric.


  • Qfix


    Qfix is an innovative medical device company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing technology-driven solutions that are compatible in modalities ranging from linear accelerators, proton therapy and imaging technologies. Qfix’s primary focus is designing patient positioning and immobilization solutions that meet the unique physics of photon and proton beam transmission and allow for high-precision treatment through reduced intra- and inter-fraction patient movement. We advance precise positioning solutions for cancer treatment by fostering a deep engagement with medical professionals. With the learning and relationships built from these deep ties, we are aggressively pursuing many cutting-edge solutions, including stereotactic radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiation therapy, magnetic resonance and patient transport.


  • Radiological Technologies University VT

    Radiological Technologies University

    Education That Works With Your Life, from the Comfort of Your Home!

      Get your degree in A.S. to B.S. Medical Dosimetry, A.S. to B.S. Medical Imaging (with specializations in CT, US, MRI, Nuclear Medicine/PET), A.S. to M.S. Medical Dosimetry, A.S. to B.S. Radiation Therapy or M.S. Dosimetry

    Hybrid Learning Environment: Blended on-site and online instruction with students and faculty nationwide

    Accelerated Clinical and Career-oriented Courses: Degrees for clinical professionals completed in 16-18 months

    Student Loan Options Available: Call for details


  • Revenue Cycle Inc.

    As a recognized leader in the business of medical and radiation oncology, Revenue Cycle Inc. is a full-service oncology consulting firm that offers comprehensive services and educational resources to health care providers. Our services include medial records review, compliance, education and training, billing and coding, remote solutions and revenue cycle management. Whether you’re a private practice, freestanding cancer center or a hospital-based health care provider, Revenue Cycle Inc. delivers customized, leading-edge strategies and services.


  • Suremark

    The Suremark Company

    Suremark designs and manufactures the finest quality latex-free external skin marking labels available, while also being cost effective. You can be confident that all Suremark labels will stay where you put them and show up clearly and consistently in all of your medical imaging applications.


  • University of Cincinnati

    University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College – Online Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology Program

    Can you see yourself as a leader in the high-tech world of health care? An online Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology degree from UC Blue Ash College can bring your vision to life. We can help you develop the advanced leadership skills and technical abilities to be a decision-maker. Our dynamic internship gives you valuable workplace experience and career visibility. Focus your internship on management or education and solve real-world problems under the guidance of accomplished professionals.


  • Varian

    Varian Medical Systems

    Varian Medical Systems is a leading manufacturer of technology for treating disease with radiation therapy, radiosurgery, chemotherapy, protons and brachytherapy. Varian operates a world-class service organization, providing training for thousands of physicists, dosimetrists, physicians, radiation therapists, nurses, pharmacists and administrative personnel yearly at customers' clinics and Varian education centers worldwide.


  • Vertual Ltd.

    Vertual Ltd. enhances your educational programs and offers VERT, the flight simulator for LINACs, and PEARL, the virtual LINAC for patients. VERT is a proven training tool that supports a safe learning environment for students, therapists, residents, dosimetrists and physicists. VERT uses real hand pendant controls. It can demonstrate DIBH, SABR, IMRT and VMAT plan delivery, and students can practice image matching and visualizations in a life-sized 3-D virtual environment. PEARL demonstrates radiation therapy to referring physicians and patients, and it raises awareness, increases understanding and improves compliance.


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