Using Directed Readings in the Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are Directed Readings available?

Directed Readings are available every other month as soon as Radiologic Technology is published online.

In what format are the sample assignments and grading rubric available?

The sample assignments and grading rubric are Microsoft Word files. By saving the files to your computer or an external memory device, you can modify the content for your class.

What editions of Radiologic Technology are available?

Radiologic Technology comes in a variety of editions, which you can view here. Looking for a specific article or researching a specific topic? Searching the Journal for keywords is easy — and free to members — on our HighWire site.

How do I subscribe to receive Radiologic Technology?

Institutional subscription rates start at $100 annually; however, a subscription to Radiologic Technology is one of the many benefits of ASRT membership. Join now. If you would like to begin receiving Radiologic Technology through a subscription, fill out the subscription form.

How can my students gain subscriptions?

ASRT student membership is only $35 and includes a one-year subscription to both Radiologic Technology and ASRT Scanner, our member newsmagazine with additional industry insight. Learn how to sign up your entire class for membership.